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Best Food Processor Reviews

Every kitchen needs to have a good food processor to be considered complete. A food processor is a kitchen appliance which helps you to chop, cut, shred, and mix your vegetables or any other food. The benefits are pretty obvious – consistency in cutting and time-saving. Ever since the food processors hit the market a while ago, people from all around the world have been using them to skip the annoying step of cutting, chopping, and shredding certain food. We have chosen five processors we think are the best on the market at the moment.

If you have any uncertainties about which one to buy for yourself, feel free to refer to our reviews, and you’ll get a more detailed insight into a particular product. We try to keep our reviews honest and easy to comprehend, you won’t regret buying any of the units we recommend.

Top Rated Food Processors

Hamilton-Beach-70740Hamilton Beach Food Processor 707408 cups450 W2 + Pulse
Cuisinart-FP-8SVCuisinart FP-8SV8 cups350 W2
Braun-FP3020Braun FP302012 cup for dry ingredients
9 cups for liquid
600 W11
Oster-Pro-1200Oster Pro 1200 6 cups1200 W
900 W of ice crushing power
Breville-BFP660SIL-Sous-ChefBreville BFP660SIL Sous Chef12 cups1000 W1

Hamilton Beach 70740For Everyone’s Budget

  • CAPACITY 89%
  • EASE OF USE 97%
Hamilton Beach 70740 is perfect for people on a limited budget. This unit is near the top when it comes down to price-to-quality ratio. In simpler words, you’ll get a high-quality processor for a relatively decent price. The users who had the opportunity to use this product have said that it’s one of the best for fast chopping, slicing, and dicing various vegetables and food in general.

This particular product has an 8-cup bowl which is made of polypropylene. This particular bowl is BPA-free, which is great considering the low price. The feeding tube is somewhat underwhelming because it’s not big enough to take whole vegetables such as cucumbers or potatoes. Some consider it a major downside, but it’s easily solvable – just cut your veggies in half before inserting them into the feeding tube.

This product has a knob with two available speeds. The principle is simple, when you select speeds 1 or 2, the unit runs continuously. Once you switch it to pulse, it will cycle on and off. It comes with a powerful 450W motor, which ensures easy chopping and slicing. This food processor is easy to use, and it’s super-fast when it comes down to food processing.

It also features strong suction caps on the bottom of the device to ensure a firm grip on the kitchen counter. These cups won’t allow the unit to move and make a mess in the kitchen. Although it seems irrelevant, it’s one of the notable features.

Cuisinart FP-8SVBest Value for The Money

  • CAPACITY 90%
  • EASE OF USE 96%
Cuisinart FP-8SV has one of the best quality-to-price ratios in the industry. It comes with an 8-cup bowl and a powerful motor. One of the best things this unit does is transitioning that motor power into performance. While it has “only” 350W, it performs exceptionally despite the lack of power.

Other processors have up to 1300W of motor power, but those come with a hefty price. However, for the optimal speed and performance, the manufacturer does not recommend putting more than 2.5 cups max per batch. If you exaggerate and overfill the cup, you might experience some hiccups with the unit, or your vegetables simply won’t be cut properly.

As far as grinding stuff goes, it’s good for certain vegetables, but you should avoid grinding meat in it. The design simply isn’t optimal for meat grinding. The cleanup is simple, and the design is modern and attractive. This unit is one of those must-have products in the kitchen.

If you want the highest cost-effectiveness, feel free to opt for this processor. This machine has got a lot of positive reviews on major selling websites by many satisfied customers thus justifying its quality and high performance.

Braun FP 3020Top Quality

  • CAPACITY 99%
  • EASE OF USE 95%
If you’re aiming for the top quality products, this one is a good candidate for a winner. It comes with a massive 12-cup bowl and a motor with 900 Watts of power. This particular unit includes eight auxiliary accessories for different cutting tasks.

Unlike the other ones with narrow feeding tubes, this one comes with a tube wide enough for whole food. In simpler words, you won’t have to cut down a cucumber or a potato to slide it through the feeding tube. The energy efficiency is quite high because of its low power consumption.

This unit also includes additional food chopper attachments and smaller bowls for smaller jobs. This variety of features means that cleaning this unit is easy and simple. Also, you can multitask and chop various vegetables in different bowls without having to wash them first. In the era of noisy food processors, this one comes as a breath of fresh air.

It isn’t noisy at all considering its power and size. It’s light and compact, and it will fit in any kitchen, regardless of the size, color, and so on. While the other big ones tend to be heavy, this one is surprisingly light.

Oster Pro 1200Two Products in One

  • CAPACITY 87%
  • EASE OF USE 92%
Oster Pro 1200 is a 2-in-1 food processor and a personal blending cup. It features seven speeds and three programmed smart settings for optimal blender performances. It also has a dual direction blade technology which helps with extra chopping and grinding with precision.

If you ever wanted a food processor with a blender integrated – this is the one for you. The 1200W motor ensures optimal cutting and a 6-cup glass offers enough capacity for at least two portions. It has a pulse feature which allows precise cutting and blending.

The design is sleek and modern which means this unit will look good in any kitchen. It’s light and compact, so you don’t need to look for a particular place to put it in, it can fit in any corner of your kitchen counter. Your morning power-meals will be much tastier and much better chopped with this food processor; that’s a guarantee.

It is well-made, and it comes with a 10-year warranty which goes to show the exceptional quality of this product. The smart settings are conveniently programmed to blend perfect milkshakes, smoothies, and protein mixes with a single touch of a button.

Breville BFP660SIL Sous ChefIdeal for Restaurants

  • CAPACITY 98%
  • EASE OF USE 95%
If you’re running a food business and you’ve been thinking about buying a good quality commercial food processor, then this is the one for you. It features a big 12-cup bowl which is made of BPA-free plastic.

It also has a 5-inch feeding tube which eliminates the need to pre-cut the vegetables. In simpler words, it’s big enough to operate and accept large amounts of vegetables. The motor has 1000W of power which is more than enough for precise cutting and processing food. The pulse button allows you to control and even out the process manually.

Although it’s quite powerful and precise, it does tend to require some room in your kitchen. So, before buying this product, make sure you have enough room for it on the counter. However, if you’re buying it for a restaurant, it’s safe to say you probably have enough room for it.

As far as the loudness goes, it’s not that loud as one might expect due to the powerful motor. In fact, it isn’t any louder than the smaller ones. The slicing disk offers over thirty widths for slicing, instead of just five or six

Choosing the Right Food Processor

What to Look For

Since all food processors to the same task, you should look for quality ones with hard casings, a lot of cutting programs, and a powerful motor. However, the main thing is to combine the good performance with a fairly decent price. These are a few things to look for when buying a food processor:

  • A large capacity
  • A sufficiently wide feeding tube for whole vegetables
  • Safety features such as locks
  • The simplicity of controls and ease of use

The capacity is one of the primary things to look for. Choose the products with at least 8 cups of capacity. Anything under that value could turn out underwhelming. A wide feeding tube is necessary to eliminate the loss of time with pre-cutting the food. The safety features are also important for you as well as for everyone in your household. Look for products with lock systems.

Things to Avoid

The first thing you should avoid is overpaying a particular product. Some of the food processors on the market have exceptional features and offer great performance, but they are just too expensive. These are some of the most common things to avoid when buying a processor:

  • Cheap, low-quality processors
  • Always check the noise levels
  • Check the size of the processor in the specifications

People often make a mistake and buy a low-quality processor. Although it might be capable of doing the job well, it just won’t last long enough to become cost-efficient. Besides that, you also risk electric shocks due to poor wiring, dullness of blades, etc. The noise level is what differentiates a good processor from a perfect one. Be sure to check the noise levels of a particular unit before purchasing it. As a final step, always check the dimensions of the product.

Criteria We Used to Select the Best Product 

There are certain criteria we used to make our list of top five food processors. Because most of the food processors do the same job, it’s important to setup a group of certain parameters. We thought about:


Every single one of these five products on our list had the best grades in these three categories. They are all somewhat cost-efficient and worth buying without a second thought. As we said, overpaying a product is a common occurrence nowadays and we tried to help you avoid it.


As far as the performance goes, all of our recommended food processors perform exceptionally. These are all long-lasting mechanical units with long-lasting warranties.  Every one of these five products proved to be consistent when it comes down to performance.


The last but not least is the quality. It’s a pretty straightforward element. Quality comes from the company’s reputation, materials used in the manufacture, and the overall durability of the product.

How To Clean a Food Processor

Cleaning a food processor is a simple task. However, simple tasks easily become complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we made this simple guide and tried to explain how to clean a food processor safely.

First of all, plug it out from the socket. After that, take the cup off and submerge it in warm water. You can use whichever kitchen tools you have nearby such as a sponge, a rag, etc. However, the best tool for reaching the food residues is a scrub brush. Apart from that, you’ll also need dish soap, vinegar and dry towels.

You don’t have to worry about the strength of the detergent as long as you’re only cleaning the plastic bowl. Soap up the brushes and rinse the inside of the bowl. After reaching for hard spots, make sure you double-check the tight spaces around the blade. By using your brush, clean the blades and other tiny neglected nooks. Remember, if you leave any food residue hanging on the inside, you risk food poisoning and other severe health conditions.

After cleaning the cup, you can wipe the casing with some anti-bacterial wet wipes or anything similar. Make sure you don’t plug it back in the socket until it’s completely dry. You risk electric shocks and short circuits by plugging in a wet food processor back to the electrical outlet. Always leave your food processor still for at least an hour after washing it to ensure it’s completely dry and safe for use. The vinegar helps with persistent stains as well. If you’re having trouble with hard stains, put some vinegar on and give it five to ten minutes. It will come off like it’s nothing.