Hamilton Beach 70740 – For Everyone’s Budget


  • CAPACITY 89%
  • EASE OF USE 97%


– Great for large chunks of food
– Dishwasher safe parts
– Powerful 450-watt motor
– Compact storage
– Large feed chute


– Bowl quality could be better
– Loud during food processing
– Average cup capacity
Food processors have become an irreplaceable device found in every home. Whether you want to keep a healthy lifestyle or simply prepare your meals in a wide variety of ways, these types of appliances are a great addition to every kitchen. There are plenty of fully featured models to choose from although you might not need that much functionality. This article will help you decide whether or not this model suits your needs just fine.

The versatility of this types of devices means that they are always useful for both food and beverage preparation. You never know when you will need them since they are considered as being one of the most useful parts of kitchen equipment. They are simply great for preparing delicious sauces and tasty smoothies. Keep reading to see what this model has to offer to its potential buyers.

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 14 x 10.1 x 10.1 inches

  • WEIGHT: 5 pounds


  • CAPACITY: 8 cups

Take this into consideration before your purchase

This compact and versatile product is compact and lightweight which makes using it an easy affair. It looks well enough to be displayed on your kitchen counter at all times and yet it can still be easily stored when not needed.

Unlike other food processors, this one requires less time to pre-prep the ingredients before processing. The large chute opening allows for continuous feeding which makes it practical and convenient to use. The time that you save on preparation can be invested in some other activity.

The 8-cup capacity might be considered as being average for the more demanding user however for most of the others it will prove to be more than adequate enough. The motor with a combination of the efficient blades and shredding disc performs great and allows efficient performance.

The biggest letdown of this product is definitely the noise it makes during operation. It is not that big of a deal but it might induce discomfort during prolonged use.

The Features

Hamilton Beach 70740 is an affordable device that is packed to the brim with features. Read on to find out what kind of functionality it offers.

Efficient cutting and chopping performance is mostly due to the combination of a strong motor and good quality blades. The stainless steel made, shred disc ensures that even large chunks of food get processed into a pulp. The chopping blade works great even on nutty fruit which is more difficult to reduce to smaller bits. The overall performance was great during our time testing the device. It managed to pulverise all types of foods very fast.

The two-speed pulse allows you to pretty much process foods of any kind of hardness. We only think that inclusion of more than two modes would have been a better choice but at this price, there is not much to complain about. There is no chance of getting uniform slices which could have been possible if only there were a low-speed setting included. The first thing that we noticed during use is the above average loudness of the motor. This is our main gripe with the device. People who do not like noisy devices will most likely need to steer clear from this product. The loudness is not unbearable however it is irritating especially if you spend longer periods of time next to the device.

Large feed chute is so much convenient that it saves you time on preparing foods before processing. Most of the similar devices require prepping large pieces of whatever it is that you need to cut down in order to get it better processed. Thankfully this is not the case with this model. The continuous feed chute allows you to add foods even during operation. We tested it with large chunks of cheese and cucumbers and watched how they got chopped down effortlessly.

Completely washable parts except, of course, the base of the device which houses motor and electronics. The bowl, lid and feed are made of plastic which can be easily separated and washed. The stainless-steel blade disk and s-blade chopper are also detachable for easy maintenance.

Build quality and design wise this device left us with mixed feelings. Our greatest doubt about quality issues is mostly concerning the bowl. It is made out of thin plastic which seems like it will break easily. We wish that it was made to be a bit thicker. Some customers are reporting cracks and fractures that developed on their unit’s bowls which prove our suspicions about the possible durability issues. Other parts are built out of quality stainless steel so there is no doubt about their longevity. The included one-year manufacturer warranty covers all kinds of malfunctions and defects regarding the product.

The Pros And Cons

This very affordable model offers a fine set of features and has a good convenience factor too at the cost of some flaws. If it weren’t for some minor build quality issues and noise of the motor – this food processor would be a perfect choice.


– Great for processing large chunks of food

– Requires less time for food preparation

– Dishwasher safe stainless steel and plastic parts

– Powerful enough 450-watt motor

– Compact for storage and lightweight

– Large feed chute allows continuous feeding



– Bowl quality could be better

– Loud motor operation during food processing

– Average cup capacity limits processing volume

  • Hamilton Beach 70740
  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • 450 watts
  • 2 speeds
  • Cuisinart FP-8SV
  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • 350 watts
  • 2 speeds
  • Oster Pro 1200
  • Capacity: 6 cups
  • 1200 watts
  • 7 speeds
  • Breville BFP660SIL
  • Capacity: 6 cups
  • 1000 watts
  • 1 speed

The Conclusion

Hamilton Beach 70740 is a great value choice for anyone who is looking to save some money and needs only basic functionality. It performs great and includes all the functionality of much more expensive models. The few disadvantages do not take away the strong fact that this is a great price-to-performance ratio product. It gets our recommendations for those of you who are looking for a good food processor without spending too much.