Kenwood FPM 910


  • EASE OF USE 85%


– Versatile

– Easy to use

– Compact

– Strong

– Quick to use


– Cleaning can be a problem

– No storage box for attachments

– Size could be an issue

No kitchen is complete without a high-performing food blender. Hours can be saved in preparation time; slicing, pureeing and chopping items that take time and effort – and even then, they can come out poorly!

This Kenwood blender offers versatility, speed and efficiency. It has a large range of functions (over 20 different uses) which broadens your choices when it comes to food and drink-making. It is a fantastic model for making smoothies and soups, as well as helping you quickly prepare the ingredients for pizzas, cakes and salads. In this fast-moving world that we live in, any chance you get to save some time is beneficial. Food processors such as this Kenwood model does exactly that.

Before you decide upon any food blender, we recommend that you work out what it is that you are looking for, before reading up on some reviews. Take the time to consider this review and the specification, before choosing a model to suit you.

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 43.9 x 26W x 26D

  • WEIGHT: 21.09 kilograms

  • POWER OUTPUT: 1300 watts

  • CAPACITY: 2 litres

Take this into consideration before your purchase

When buying a food processor, the shopper will have a set of criteria which specifically suits their own standards and priorities. Not every food processor is right for all, and the Kenwood FPM 910 is no exception.

If you are looking for a model that is capable of performing a wide range of functions, is strong and stable, and fits perfectly into most kitchen cupboards, this processor is for you. It has a metal body which stops it from wobbling on the kitchen top, and looks neat and tidy as part of most kitchen designs. It fits nicely into storage cupboards and is quick and easy to use.

If, however, you are looking for an item to complement a small part of your cooking (i.e. just chopping or pureeing a few things), you might decide to look elsewhere. The Kenwood FPM 910’s price is beyond some buyer’s budgets, and the fact that it does not have a small bowl to make smaller-sized portions of food, encourage them to shop elsewhere. For further features and details, read on.

The Features

As an easy-to-use, versatile blender, the FPM 910 is perfect. It comes complete with the opportunity to process food in over 20 different ways, making its potential to create a variety of dishes almost endless. Some of the features that we loved about the FPM 910, include the blending, chopping, whisking and dicing options. This covers the preparation of veg, fruit, roast dinners and even quiche-making! Aside from these, however, the FPM 910 is also a great model if you want to make smoothies and soups, and by just quickly changing the functions (which is very easy to do), you can switch to a different method of food preparation.

Appearance-wise, the FPM 910 looks classy and compact – reducing down to a minimal size that can either be placed in a storage cupboard or left on the kitchen surface as required. Its silver, metal base looks elegant and stylish amongst most kitchen designs, helping it to fit in with the overall design of the room. That said, we would love to have seen extra thought being provided for the various attachments that come with the machine, as the accessories could become a problem in terms of storage.

The FPM 910 is fun to use, as it is quick and gets on with the job promptly. Regardless of the setting, the unit’s 750-watt power gets through tough items without any hassle, and this saves you much effort when you are preparing vegetables in particular. Due to the device’s power, dough is easy to make and this speeds up the cooking time for many types of foods such as bread and quiche.

Due to its versatility, the FPM 910 has many different types of settings for grating and slicing, including fine slicing, extra fine slicing, fine grating, thick slicing and thick grating. The number of jobs and effort that this saves you (particularly if you are a keen cook who like to produce a variety of dishes) is priceless. Even if you are just after a bit of grated cheese for a sandwich, however, the model can be easily switched on and accessed as you run the cheese through the machine and grate it quickly.

The FPM 910 is not just adept at preparing food. If you are a creative cocktail maker, or a stunning smoothie-maker, the citrus and centrifugal juicer attachments help you conjure up a new drink in no time! This machine really does allow you to wow your guests saving you time and effort!


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Strong
  • Quick to use


  • Cleaning can be a problem
  • No storage box for attachments
  • Size could be an issue
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The Conclusion

The Kenwood FPM 910 is one of the best processors out there in terms of versatility, ease of use and speed. It has an attractive appearance, and can be easily stored as it is such a compact unit. Despite being small, it does have quite a large capacity (2.1 litres) which is suited to smaller families, or some functions within larger households.

There are only a couple of negative elements to this processor. It could be too small for some users – especially if they have larger families. Some reports suggest that it is tougher to clean, and if you are using more than one of the attachments, this could become problematic. We would also like to have seen more storage features for the various attachments that come with the unit.

To summarize, the Kenwood FPM 910 is a neat little hard-working model that has the potential to save you hours of your life. We would recommend this unit to almost every household, though it does depend on your budget and your criteria for buying.