Zyliss Easy Pull


  • SPEED 96%
  • EASE OF USE 88%


– No electricity is required to run this device.

– Perfect for outdoor settings and events.

– Not only quick and easy but fun to use as well.


– The device requires manual labor to operate.

– Breaking the appliance is possible if used incorrectly.

If it’s a little novelty you’re looking for, the Zyliss Easy Pull will be sure to put a smile on your face not only because it’s a fun device to use, but because of the pretty impressive results you will get when you use it. This little food processor is unlike most of the ones you’ve seen because this one doesn’t run on electricity. You read that right. This food processor can chop and mince food instantly with a simple pulling mechanism.

Just put in your ingredients like onions and tomatoes and give the handle a pull – you’ll have perfectly minced veggies without the need for a power outlet nearby. With a simple pull, you’d be making ice cream, bread crumbs, sauces, salads and many more from scratch with the Zyliss Easy Pull.

You’d be amazed how fine the results are if you give the machine more than one pull. This food processor should be considered because not only will it help you save time, but it will even help save you money on electricity. Not to mention that it’s perfect for situations where electricity is absent or scarce like when camping or inside an RV.

The Specifications

  • Height: 5.2 in.

  • Length: 5.5 in.

  • Width: 5.5 in.

  • Volume: 25.36 oz.

Take this into consideration before your purchase

It must be made specifically sure that this food processor runs on the kinetic energy applied by having to manually pull on its mechanism. This distinction must be made clear as opposed to the conventional electricity-powered food processors available in the market. Being powered by the pulling mechanism, you’ll have to understand that the performance of this food processor will have to rely on the input of the user’s pull.

This also means that the physical capabilities of the user have to be sufficient for the optimum performance of this appliance. However, don’t let that get you down because since it does not rely on electricity to work, this little device is perfect for outdoor settings such as barbecues or picnics.

Also, durability should be considered because since this device will be exposed to a lot of physical stress due to the pulling, there will be greater chance of breaking compared to the electric models. This is especially evident when the mechanism is being pulled too much or incorrectly.

In order to reduce the risk of breaking, proper pulling must be observed. With one hand set on top of the device for stabilization, pull the handle with the other hand straight until you feel some resistance from the handle and remember not to overdo it.

The Features

No electricity will ever be required for this manual machine. This must be its main characteristic that sets it off from the rest of the competition. No electricity means no need to put this appliance near an outlet. This also means you could basically take this machine anywhere you want and it’ll still work as long as you have a pulling arm.

Take this device to a backyard barbecue or a picnic and it’ll be perfect. This would also be a perfect gift for someone who lives in an RV or someone who loves camping. It functions with a simple pull mechanism that in turn will turn the two razor sharp blades that are connected to the main axis.

A sweeper arm attachment is included in the package and once installed underneath the blades, the sweeper arm will help push the food up directly in front of the path of the blades. While the sweeper arm is located underneath the blades, above the blades will be the wiper blade which will be doing the same job but from the other side.

Just pull and you’ll be saving time compared to you manually chopping those veggies. You can even select how fine you want your ingredients to be by varying the number of times you pull on the mechanism. For a coarse chop, it is recommended to pull the mechanism three times. The chops will get finer and finer as you increase the number of times you pull.

Pull it enough and you’d already be pureeing the food inside. With its 25.36 oz. capacity, you won’t have any trouble preparing food good enough for the family and even more. As simple as giving the machine a few pulls, you’d be on your way to make simple yet amazing foods and drinks like smoothies, salads and even sauces.

Moreover, it is safe for everyone to use in the kitchen. Made of BPA-free plastic, you won’t have to worry about any negative health effects or toxins appearing from the food prepared in it. BPA is a toxic synthetic compound that has been known to be dangerous when exposed especially to children and young infants.

Also, cleaning will not be an issue because the Zyliss Easy Pull is dishwasher safe. It saves time in preparing food and cleaning it. With all the time you’ve saved with this machine, you’d have more time to spend on your own hobbies, resting, or spending some quality time with the family.



  • No electricity is required to run this device.
  • Perfect for outdoor settings and events.
  • Not only quick and easy but fun to use as well.


  • The device requires manual labor to operate.
  • Breaking the appliance is possible if used incorrectly.
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The Conclusion

Despite having to manually operate the Zyliss Easy Pull, the fact that it can run without electricity is already amazing and moreover, it doesn’t just work – it works well.

The Zyliss Easy Pull is not only perfect for outdoor activities like barbecues or camping, but it’s also perfect for those people who are always moving and travelling. It can even amp up your arm strength with all that pulling!

This food processor equipped with only two blades and a pulley system can actually chop food up to tiny pieces and can even puree. If the manual operation is a deal breaker for you, then also consider that this device can save you some cash when the next electric bill arrives.