Crenova Vs100S


  • EASE OF USE 99%


– Strong and stable product

– Rubber feet protect kitchen tops

– Easy to use

– Food sealed quickly

– Compact

– Attractive appearance


– Loud when in operation

– Drip tray is hard to clean

Food preservation has the potential to save homes around the world hundreds of pounds each year, if not more. It can also lead to much less food going to waste around our planet, helping us to live together with the resources to grow our own food for years to come.

Unfortunately, having the means to preserve food effectively does not come easily. Food bags and containers can be useful at prolonging the life of food, but this often only extends its life by a short period of time. Furthermore, the damage to bags can ruin preserved food, leading to further wastage.

A vacuum sealer eliminates the problems associated with prolonging the life of a variety of foods. It provides the means to seal food tightly; sucking the air from bags and sealing them for easy storage. Our review of the Crenova Vs100S will provide you with ideas about how you can store food in your own homes, quickly and easily.

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 13 x 6 x 3 inches

  • WEIGHT: 500 grams

Take this into consideration before your purchase

Many people approach the purchase of a new kitchen product with a varied range of criteria. Some people’s choices will be dictated by their budget, others will think more carefully about the storage space they have available.

A vacuum sealer is not necessarily a mandatory piece of kitchen apparatus and therefore shoppers should carefully consider whether or not they have the budget to be able to afford such an item. Other methods of sealing food are available, though we would argue that a vacuum sealer will save you time and money in the long run.

We also suggest that shoppers think about how they would use the Crenova Vs100S in their own home. The vacuum sealer is capable of storing a variety of different food types, and this can generate many new and creative ideas for food preparation. However, if you think that you don’t have the time or the storage capacity, a vacuum sealer may not be the wisest purchase for you.

The Features

The Crenova Vs100S vacuum sealer does its job quickly and easily with minimum fuss. Although it may not be the most highly-technical item on the market today, it does have a number of important features which tick the boxes of many shopper’s set of criteria. Here is a list of the model’s main features.

The product is strong and stable which means it is durable and is less likely to move about during operation. The reason for its strength comes from the fact that it is made from stainless steel, a metal proven to be durable, rust and stain resistant which doesn’t corrode when combined with water. Stainless steel has become a very popular material for making various types of kitchen equipment and utensils (e.g. cutlery) with.

In addition, the Crenova Vs100S has four rubber feet attached to the bottom of the product, to protect it on the kitchen top as well as preventing it from moving around too much. This provides a useful safety feature (as the unit is sturdy on the top) and helps prevent the tops against damage.

When using the machine, the Crenova Vs100S completes its work very quickly and neatly. It has been estimated that it takes around 30 seconds to complete a sealed item, saving users time whilst they preserve their food. One of the reasons that people do not choose to preserve food as often as they could, is likely to be down to the fact that they don’t have the time to consider the methods, but the Crenova Vs100S resolves this problem by providing a fast service.

Not only is the model’s action fast, but it is also really easy to use. A few options are available to users, these being ‘vacuum,’ ‘cancel,’ ‘pulse,’ and ‘seal.’ Vacuum and pulse are the two main ones – pulse allowing users to control the speed with which they go through the process, and vacuum probably being the one used the most often, to complete the process. Having just a few options leaves very little room for error, and the instruction manual also gives excellent advice whilst being easy to follow.

Due to the features of the Crenova Vs100S, it is possible to store a large variety of food products. Not only are users able to prolong the life of meat and fruits, but it also successfully works with crisps, nuts, and other food items that you might not think would be preserved.

Finally, as a piece of kitchen equipment, the model is compact and attractive, fitting in with many kitchen designs and adding a useful addition to the kitchen technology in place. It doesn’t take up much room and can be left on the kitchen top for the next time it is required, or stored neatly in a cupboard.



  • Strong and stable product
  • Rubber feet protect kitchen tops
  • Easy to use
  • Food sealed quickly
  • Compact
  • Attractive appearance


  • Loud when in operation
  • Drip tray is hard to clean
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The Conclusion

When compared with other items on the market, the Crenova Vs100S is an easy to use, durable, attractive food sealer that completes jobs quickly and without too much effort. It doesn’t slide around, seals a variety of different food items, and is stain and corrosion resistant.

That said, there are a number of cheaper products on the market, and if you are not interested in sealing a large amount of products, an alternative might suit you better. Although the model is quite loud, each task only takes around 30 seconds to complete, so it is not too painful to work with! One of the other disadvantages that we found regarding the Crenova Vs100S, was that the drip tray is not that easy to clean which could cause a few problems.

All in all, the Crenova Vs100S is an effective, attractive vacuum sealer that comes with our recommendation. Preserving food could change the way that we deal with food shortages, benefitting our planet in the future.