Ivation Vacuum Sealer


  • EASE OF USE 95%


– Easy to use, one-touch operation
– Uses 12” Wide Vacuum Bags and Rolls
– Powerful vacuum motor
– Moist and dry food settings
– Lightweight design
– Included starter kit: (5) quart bags and (5) gallon bags


– Very loud vacuum motor
– Inconsistent sealing performance

Storing foods in just the right conditions prolongs their shelf life and makes them convenient to use when needed, without worrying about expiration dates. Vacuum sealers are indispensable devices when it comes to keeping your food supply in perfect condition. By removing air from the packaging, they eliminate the possibility of chemical reactions and the appearance of harmful bacteria which can compromise the integrity of both the ingredients and flavour. People who do not store their supplies properly risk serious health implication that can leave permanent consequences on their well-being.

We feel that this vacuum sealer represents a good choice when compared to so many different models. It comes well equipped and offers plenty of features for an affordable price. You should seriously consider it if you are looking for a powerful and reliable kitchen appliance for all of your food storing needs.

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 18.3 x 5.1 x 11.8 inches

  • WEIGHT: 6.6 pounds

Take this into consideration before your purchase

This is a larger and a bit heavier device that might make it a bit difficult to operate and move around with ease. The performance is top notch and you can expect to get the maximum efficiency with reliable results on each use.

The disadvantage of the high performing air pumps is the at times unbearable loud noise that it make during operation. If you are sensitive to high levels of sound then we advise against choosing this model. Especially for users that intend to vacuum seal a lot of food.

The included starter kit is a great addition and adds a lot of value to the whole package which makes this one of the best performance-to-price ratio models on the market.

The Features

Powerful vacuum sealing performance thanks to the use of a 12L/minute, the motor makes usage a quick and efficient affair every time. The optimal rate of air being sucked out of the foods bag means that the contents stay fresh and usable for a longer period. Ivation advertises the performance of this model as being able to provide up to five times more lasting storage times than other conventional methods. This efficiency helps to prevent foods and meals kept in a vacuum bag from developing chemical and bacterial reactions. It also ensures that no freezer burns occur on fruits and vegetables, meaning that it keeps them fresh and juicy and conveniently stored for later use.

We also have to mention that the powerful vacuum sealing performance comes at a great cost. During our time using this model, the noise that it made during the operation was very loud. Up to the point of being unbearable for repeated vacuum sealing of several bags in a row. We can understand that the high-performance motor is responsible for the noise and yet we don’t think that it is worth the discomfort that it induces. Those of you who cannot bear higher sound levels should certainly steer clear from this product.

Versatile functionality allows to separately pick modes for moist and dry food vacuum sealing. These two settings ensure that the more delicate foods and meals stay preserved in perfect condition without any sort of damage to texture and flavour. The gentle setting will prevent crushing of delicate foods and thanks to the handy manual – you can learn what type of foods must be sealed using this mode.

Comes with a generous number of included bags in the package to get you started vacuum sealing in no time at all. The starter kit is equipped with five one quart bags and five one-gallon ones too. These will help you get started and come very handy to get a handle on how the device works in case you are a first-time user. The quart bag dimensions are 8.6 x 11.8 inches, and for the gallon ones, it’s 11 x 15.7 inches. The sheer volume of these vacuum containers will be more than adequate for all sizes of different foods and meals.

Design and build quality are great for this price. The device is sturdy and well-made with lots of quality plastic prevailing on the slick looking body. It is certainly not the most compact vacuum sealer although we think that it will still be a nice-looking item among the rest of your kitchen appliances. The relatively light weight means that you will still be able to move it around and even store it if it occupies to much space.

The Pros And Cons

Convenience, ease of use and a strong air suction performance are all great highlights of Ivation’s Vacuum Sealer. If it not for the low sealing performance and the loudness of the vacuum pump motor this would be a truly standout product.



– Easy and intuitive to use

– Uses 12” Wide Vacuum Bags and Rolls

– Great air suction performance thanks to strong motor

– Moist and dry food settings are very convenient

– Lightweight and great looking design

– The inclusion of bags adds additional value



– The loudness of the device during use is annoying

– Sealing performance is a complete letdown

  • Gourmia GVS425
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  • 12" Wide Vacuum Bags
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  • 11" Wide Vacuum Bags
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  • Ivation Vacuum Sealer
  • 14.5 x 5.6 x 2.9 inches
  • 12" Wide Vacuum Bags
  • Roll Storage: No

The Conclusion

Strong suction performance is a true highlight of Ivation Vacuum Sealer. It’s a shame that the noise that the motor makes is so loud. Some people do not mind the noise levels since they appreciate the power and vacuuming efficiency. Looking at the online feedback of some of the customers they do not mind such a trade-off. We have to advise potential buyers that this is indeed a feature packed and a great performing device that is at times annoying to use. If you do not mind the loudness and do not intend to vacuum seal your foods often then this model represents a good choice.